School life has been very different the past year and a half with many more months to come of unsettled school life and economic hardship all around with lockdowns.  I have been thinking about how much lost property there must be in classrooms all over South Africa and the enormous cost to parents when children lose thier expensive blazers, uniforms and sporting kit.  How much lost property is thrown away or do schools manage to donate a large portion of uncollected items.  There are approximately 11 million school children between the age of 7-17 in South Africa, if a child permanently loses 2 things a year that amounts to 22 million items.  The cost of replacing these items is high and adds to financial strain on parents, many of whom struggle to outlay for uniforms. 

It was heart warming to hear stories of goodwill in South Africa of kind people settling the laybyes of parents at Jet and Ackermans for people struggling to pay off uniforms. This is the reality of many and why we developed our black and white budget label pack an affordable option that will allow parents to label everything.

A pack of labels is a small price to pay to make sure that your childs precious things come home.  Our iron on labels are so easy to apply and will outlast the garment.  Our vinyl labels are perfect for juice bottles and lunch boxes, they are super stong and can go into the dishwasher and will not scratch or fade.  After a small survey we found that jerseys are the item that is most often lost.  Whether they are being used as soccer goals at break or left in the changing room after sport, they are easy for a child to misplace.  Next up was pencils and pens, with parents often having to stock up half way through the year.  This need not be the case. Our pencil labels are small and can label every pencil and khoki with no fuss.  

Ipads and laptops are being used in many schools,  it is vital to protect this tech!  One of my favorite products are our colorful personalised neoprene ipad cases that are desgned and printed in our studio and made up in a small factory in Cape Town, a uniquely South African product that we are very proud of.  Our gorgeous neoprene pencil cases are also personalised in our studio and will go a long way in keeping stationery together in one place.
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